Park history

Sik Scouts Park is located in western New York State, in the Town of Granger in Allegany County, which is part of Granger Mountain Range. At 1902 feet above sea level, the camp’s highest point is 2001 feet. Its main entrance is on County Road 15 (formerly known as Short Tract Road, commonly as Basswood Hill Road.)
The camp, now home to Hungarian scouts in 5 international regions was originally owned by the Garvey family of Buffalo until 1964 when the Hungarian Scouts Association (Headquartered in New Jersey) purchased the 116 acres of land, which was expanded to 167.6 acres in 2016. The pine plantations by the Garvey family are a great example of ecological management and nature conservancy which is still continued by the scouts who attend.
The property has been developed at great expense to accommodate scout leadership training, as well as summer school camps, cultural camps, jubilee, and jamboree camps. Numerous buildings, wells, electricity, and other infrastructures are provided for scouting purposes.