The photos shown here are much more than simply the buildings–structures that exist in the Alexander Sík Scout Park. From the beginning, the Hungarian Scouts Association has been committed to providing financial, moral, and conservation support for the park, thus establishing a home for all Scouters. Such positive commitment is reflected by the extensive use of the facility according to Scout Laws. Whoever attends a camp here develops strong bonds of belonging to the Hungarian heritage.
Since its purchase in 1964 roads, wells, electricity, and telephone systems, as well as water distribution even today’s internet capabilities, comprise the intricate infrastructure of the camp. As such, today these must meet state regulations and are subject to yearly inspections. Strict requirements oversee the health and safety of our campers.
The camp structures and their routine maintenance require a great deal of time, planning, and hard work. Fortunately, there are many adult volunteers, friends of scouts, and scouts themselves who willingly share in these efforts.
In 1964, a single building, a white farmhouse, stood near the Robinson Road entrance. The name “White House,” as remembered by many, seemed appropriate.


The house was used for a few years at scout functions. It was the hub of our cub leader training for many years and served other functions as well. Eventually, new buildings were erected, and the White House was demolished. The new structure to be built was the Central Kitchen located near the center of the property… later, in 1999 this was enlarged to suit.





…then came the Assistant Troop leaders training camp center. Years later, this too was relocated.

The original Boys Patrol Leaders training center was an all-wood structure where the office building stands today…



The old wooden barrack was replaced with a modern structure that served as the Office, Scout Store, and Summer School Camp center.

We built a Central Shower facility on the north field.

The Girls Patrol Leaders training center was built…

In order to comply with state regulations, with the financial help from Hungarian doctors, the first INFIRMARY was erected in 1983… a log-style cabin with 2 rooms, a bathroom facility, and an examination room.

This was in use until plans were drawn up for a larger, up-to-date facility.

Girls Patrol Leaders’ training camp also received a home, as seen here then and now.


Next came the famous PENTAGON a ’hexagonal’ building planned and built by Fr. Kovari. This building became the Troop Leaders training camp headquarters.

The Corvina Camp received a small cabin as well…

Rev. Kovari also built his own house on the east side of the property near the Route 15 entrance. A rare aerial photo shows its location as well as the small, unfinished building (with the green roof) that later became the Camp Office.


Soon after Fr. Kovari’s death in 1981, his house became the center for the Cub Scout Leaders’ training…

Later the house was renamed Genetta House.

Soon additional space was needed to house the youngest of the camp.. a  large new building named NADAS House was erected close by in 2005. It is large with 2 sleeping areas a central room for meetings, a kitchen, and bathrooms.

The central Camp Office was also completed.

..and expanded in a few years.


In 2013, the Hungarian Scouts Association had an opportunity to save a number of structures that were a part of the Hungarian exhibit at the Smithsonian Park Exhibition in Washington. These were the peacock tower, open dance barn, Kalotaszeg cultural house, yurt, and a vehicle shed. After delivery, these were assembled by the same builders, using traditional construction methods.


The Peacock tower…


…the open dance barn


…the yurt (about 2/3 of the way complete in this photo)


…Kalotaszeg Cultural House


…and the vehicle shed



The bell tower is located at the entrance to the Pine Cathedral. It is a replica of the bell tower found at the Mohacs Commemorative Park Cemetery, Hungary.














In 2019, we undertook our largest development project, a central main building that would serve as the HUB for the park. The original Kovari house (later Genetta House) was no longer adequate or safe. Nature also took its course and the house was demolished!


…North view



…East view


…West view.


With sufficient funding, a large building was initiated, plans were drawn up and the work commenced in 2019.
Huge THANKS to all those who supported and actually devoted their free time to achieving the completion of the project. Now, the bright and spacious building is ready for meetings, conferences, and camping. It will solidify the continuation of Hungarian scouting in the diaspora.