Dear Scout Friends and Supporters!

The Alexander Sik Scout Camp reached almost 6 decades. Back in 1964, when the first scout camp started, the future of the park, it’s concept: mapping and planning was a huge idea. A small, dedicated individuals, Gabor Bodnar, Rev. Stephen Gerencser, Rev. Louis Kovari and Dr. George Nemethy, each with their own vision joined in commitment to take on the challenge in creating a home for the Hungarian Scouts in Exile. They agreed that the upkeep and developing the camp will require a lot of financial support and dedicated work.

The photographs clearly show useful structures, buildings and landmarks that make up the beauty of the park but give little insight into how much will, determination, work and money will be required to achieve it.

Now, in 2022 the challenges continue… new obstacles need to be solved and bridged. The maintenance upkeep of the park represents the greatest cost factor each year.

Over 60 years thousands of scouts camped, completed leadership training or attended various other camps held annually. Each year the park needs to be maintained at an optimum, requiring financial resources…subsequently we must seek funding sources to continue.

Therefore, in order to generate revenue, we actively created fund-raisers, opportunities for all those who hold scouting important.